RSLinx 2.42 Crashes when using RSLogix 5
October 2004
When accessing RSLinx 2.42 from RSLogix 5, RSLinx reports an exception, then restarts itself. In our classes, we have only noticed this under windows 2000. It hasn't shown up yet under Windows XP.

Many of you have experienced this problem on the floor as well wtih your laptops. After going online a few times, Many RSLinx icons start building up in the system tray... Run your mouse over them, and they all disappear except one!

Rockwell now has a patch to address this issue. If you have the rights and permission from your company you can read the knowledgebase article to see if this applies to you, and then download the patch. Here is the URL:

Disclaimer: Due to the wide variety of plant applications, it is up to you to make the determination whether or not to installing this patch is to your best interest.

Best Regards!

Ricky Bryce